Competition is a good thing...

Well I recieved several excited e-mails from my friend and fellow blogger, Scoot indicating that people are discovering his site!


As I mentioned at the outset of this little experiment in shouting into the wilderness, this is a spot to vent and rant. Although my audience consists of one, (even I don't read my old stuff!) I have been pleased to expose the ether to my own brand of self serving madness.

Scoot's blog was spawned in some response to the genesis of mine. Let's be blunt, it is better written and much funnier. He has some striking insights (some of them are even correct!).

One thing I would hope for from blogging is to reach out and reestablish some connectedness in this world of increasing isolation. In my neighborhood (packed with homogeneous, right-wing crazies - as some might view it), there is an invite your neighbor to dinner initiative. The goal is simple, get to know your freakin' neighbors!

While we are not quite at the Kitty Genovese stage in most of the world, we do live in ignorance of those around us.

This is true all over the planet.

A little more understanding and humility.

It's not too much to ask?


Scootmaroo said…
Thanks for the compliments. I think.

As for invite the neighbors to dinner initiative, I think that you should seek out all of the gay and lesbian couples (with children or not, if you can find any, but hey, it is HOTLANTA) in the neigborhood to dinner and make a big deal out it to the rest of the 'hood,a nd watch the high hilarity that develops. Should even be cause for more gossip than when I visit......