22 June 2009

It is official. MCI is now my least favorite airport. A formerly graceful collection of partial circles on the Missouri plains, post 9/11 has converted it into a crowded, inefficient nightmare.

16 June 2009


I have added typepad, we'll see if it has value.

12 June 2009

Battle Du Jour...

I have spent some considerable time away from the blog in an area of one of my personal interests, that of medical ethics.  There are a number of excellent sites which detail the battles raging within science / evidence based medicine.  Given the pending debate over health care in the nation - it is worth making the rounds as several sites offer a professional view into the healthcare world.  I promise to return at some point to tackle the arising urgent issues;
1 - North Korea - bluff and bluster or doom and disaster
2 - The shrinking pirate problem - no news is good news?
3 - Why we need to rethink our weapons programs
4 - Obamaconomy - It's his to win or lose
I know I just overcommitted, but that's just who I am.

05 June 2009

Twit - blogging. Apparently I can now join the ranks of the hyperstimulated and twitblog via text.

01 June 2009


Dr. George Tiller, a Kansas doctor who ran one of three clinics in the United States specializing in performing late term abortions (post 21 weeks), was murdered in his church on Sunday.  The alleged assassin, Scott Roeder, is a 51 year old male with no immediate links to extremist "pro-life" groups.  This doctor had previously been shot in the arms in the early 1990s and had his clinic bombed by the self-professed "pro-life" movement. 
I am a generally conservative guy, some would call me a monarchist.  I am, however, firmly in the "pro-law" / "pro-choice" side of this debate.  The President stated that no matter how profound our differences, they can not be resolved with violence.  I agree with him in this fully.  What is most disturbing is that these social issues, abortion, gay-marriage and others seem to evoke such irrational responses from the advocates from each side.  Mind you, I believe there is a definable right and wrong for almost any moral quandary, even if the definition is "less wrong".  Requiring women to act in a subservient manner to men due to some religious tenet is wrong.  Prohibiting two consenting adults from entering into a contract making their relationship permanent in the eyes of the state and the public is wrong.  Shooting a person because you don't agree with the practice of their legal profession is wrong.
The spokesperson for Operation Rescue made a public statement denouncing the shooting, and disavowing involvement.  I can not help but find their words specious when they are couched in the following phrases, "we have been pursuing legal means to bring Dr. Tiller to justice". 
Ah, the mantra of the zealot - bring them to justice.
Sound like Al-Queda to me.