13 January 2010


One of the most dysfunctional nations on the planet, Haiti, has been dealt yet another cruel blow.  The 7.0 magnitude earthquake which struck the country has wrought unbelievable devastation.  It is believed that the entire UN mission may have perished in the tremor and more than 3 million people are affected.  After devastating hurricanes, floods, mudslides, crushing poverty, corruption and rampant violence, Haiti may be beyond rebirth.  No doubt, the first serious responders on scene will be assets of the United States Navy, as directed by Southern Command. 
We may expect one of the hospital ships to be deployed along with an amphibious group and a SEABEE battalion.  Haiti, which is coupled to the Dominican Republic, needs a comprehensive makeover.  There is so little to work with, it will require a ground up rebuilding of every aspect of the country.  Perhaps, in this way, the quake can provide the clean slate which the nation so desperately needs.  Now we will have to see if the world can muster to resources to demonstrate cooperation and foresight to reengineer the broken state.